Tyson Elder

CEO, Founder, & General Overlord

Tyson is a believer in community, music, photography, and the people who make all those things possible. That's why he started Rocktographers, and will continue striving to make it a thriving community not only in Victoria, but beyond. Tyson doesn't enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset. He does however enjoy a fancy cocktail though.

Kirsten James

CCO of Awesome

Kirsten has being creating radical things for people for over 10 years. She’s worked for creative agencies, software companies, start-ups, rock festivals, cafes, and her mom.

webmeister Bud

COO & Keeper of the Festival Hair

webmeister Bud, perhaps best known as the resident geek for The Zone @ 91-3 and 100.3 The Q!, is a photographer, geek, voiceover artist, radioer, gamer, gadgeteer, designer, root beer connoisseur, and papa.

Lindsey Blane

Contributor, Video Maker, & Mistress of the Equipment

Lindsey Blane is a live music and portrait photographer on the west coast of Canada. You can find her petting cats or in the pit.

Colin Smith


Colin Smith is a Pender Island import who came to Victoria in 2012 for love, and has become a part of the Rocktographer community for the same reason.

John Carlow


Photography enthusiast. Shoot music for its passion and people for the unique way you get to peek into their lives for a short glimpse. Married ..father of two. Love a lot of different kinds of music, from The Cramps to early Frank Mills. Appreciation for a time when stores were closed Sundays. Just the way I roll.