How To Submit

How To Submit to YYJ Rocktographers Annual Showcase

Submissions for the January 2016 YYJ Rocktographers annual showcase must be from a concert, festival, or live music event in 2015, taken by a photographer in the Victoria area. Big or small, anywhere from right here in Victoria to Timbuktu. Basically it can be from anywhere (within reason), but remember that we love our local acts, too.

You have from Friday November 20th to Friday December 18th, 2015 to submit your photographs for consideration in YYJ Rocktographers’ January 2016 showcase.

If your photograph is selected, you will be notified by email by Monday Dec 21st, 2015.

As per previous showcases, there will be a fee for all photographs that will be displayed at the show. This fee covers printing and hanging costs. More information about costs will be emailed photographers after they have submitted photographs.

How to Submit:

1. Go to
2. Sign in with these credentials:
    Password: JoeDeMeowgio2016
3. Under Galleries, click January 2016 Submissions. This gallery is unlisted so the general public does not see it. Don’t make it public!
4. Upload up to three full resolution photographs for consideration in gallery. Submit full res photos (minimum 11×17″ at 150 DPI), landscape or portrait, at 3:2 aspect ratio (no square or panoramic shots)
5.  In the title field, enter who the band is. In the caption field, tell us your name, where it was taken, and your email address. Save each with the check box to the right.
6. Click the YYJ Rocktographers logo in the upper right, then Log Out.
7. Wait to see if you receive the the good news that one of your photographs was selected to be displayed during the YYJ Rocktographers annual showcase in January 2016.

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